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nativeshot share screenshot online

Internet blog posting is about information and how to write content online. I am looking for easy ways to share screenshots online which will help me to improve the time required

One of my favorite tools is to use the Nativeshot plugin directly in  Firefox browser.

post screenshot online
post screenshot online on blog post


If you are still new on how to install Firefox add-ons, you can find a good guide  here: Install Firefox add-on

On Youtube you can find many useful sources of information on Youtube on how to install a firefox add-on:


Coming back to our tool, Nativeshot is a simple way to copy screenshots directly on your blog posts.

First, you need to go and install it and make some small adjustments once it is installed. You can find a good video on how to configure and use the Nativeshot plugin below :


NativeShot is not your typical screenshot addon. The typical screenshot addon takes an image of the HTML content in your current or other tabs.NativeShot features a system wide hotkey (and also a toolbar button) which takes screenshots as you would by pressing the “Print Screen” or “Screenshot” key on your computer. Everything on every monitor is captured and then opened up for editing.

You can copy to clipboard, save to file on your PC or you can save in cloud on Dropbox, Google Drive and Imgur.

Very useful for blog posting is the Imgur option, where you can add in your blog posts image links you share automatically from Nativeshot in your Imgur account. The image shared here is copy and pasted directly from our Imgur account. If you click on the image below you will be directed to the link of this image.:

post screenshot online and share images saved as screenshot in your imgur account
post screenshot online and share images saved as screenshot in your imgur account

This is an easy and fast way to post screenshot online by using Nativeshot add-on in your Firefox browser.

There are several other options like sharing it on Facebook or Twitter directly, but normally I use it to add useful image information to my blog posts.

Nativeshot comes also with the option to optical character recognition, based on GOCR,  OCRAD and Tesseract. I recommend searching on the internet the capabilities of OCR Algorithms.

Nativeshot tolbar

There is a toolbar with all options. It will automatically open when you click the button on the Firefox toolbar.

post screenshpt online - nativeshot toolbar
post screenshot online – nativeshot toolbar.

In Editor Hotkeys

The demonstration of how to use all the keyboard shortcuts can be found here:


(these are the hotkeys not shown in the screenshot above – screencast)

  • Alt + C when Element Selected – Copies the element
  • Alt + V – Pastes the element at where the cursor is
  • Scroll Wheel with Zoom View Enabled – Increase or decrease zoom level
  • Arrow Keys – Move the selection by 1 pixel
  • Arrow Keys + Shift Key – Move the selection by 10 pixel
  • Arrow Keys + Alt Key – Increase height/width by 1 pixel
  • Arrow Keys + Alt Key + Shift Key – Increase height/width by 10 pixel
  • Shift Key + Click Drag Corner Point – Makes a perfect square/circle
  • Shift Key + Drag Corner Point of Line – Draws at 45-degree angle
  • Ctrl + V when Typing – Pastes text
  • Double Click Text – Edit mode
  • Double Click Element – Updates the palette with the properties (color, line width, etc) of the element
  • Click Tool or Tool Hotkey Again – While element is focused, it will apply the palette properties to the element (color, line width, etc)
  • Ctrl + D when Element Selected – Deselects the element
  • Escape while Eye Dropper Active – Cancels the dropper
  • Alt Key during drawing with Select/Window Wand tool – Adds another selection, without clearing the previous one. Version 1.8 has some bugs, with the Window Wand tool selected, you need to use the Shift key.
  • Delete key when Element Selected – Deletes the element

I found it very handy when I need to post screenshot online and I do it while writing my blog posts directly from my Firefox browser.

Sadly there is no Google Chrome version yet and I am not aware of other browsers.


Post Screenshot Online – How to Decrease Time Spent Writing Blog Posts

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