Google Docs WordPress Integration posting

This is a blog post to be posted on my seorom blog from my google docs specially created for this type of articles. I’ve been looking for ways to use an editor to create original content from outside my WordPress self-hosted blog. Google Docs WordPress Integration is not that simple and I have found ways to deal with it.

First I’ve tried to use the automated tool called Zapier.

I’ve created a zap

Google Docs WordPress Integration in Zapier
Google Docs WordPress Integration in Zapier

Unfortunately for some strange reasons I cannot authenticate my google docs account.

So I’ve seen some of examples on twitter about using Wordable as a tool.

Adfinis SyGroup AG (@adfinissygroup)

15-Dec-2016 09:03

@LibreOffice is now online. A big thank you goes out to our colleagues from @CollaboraOffice. #Techblog

dstKjzWJ bigger 1

► WPThemesClub ◄ (@WPThemesClub)

13-Dec-2016 04:58

How to #Import #Blog Posts from #GOOGLE Docs to #WordPress in One Click >> #Guideline #Tutorials #Wordable #Ad

11YKrgc4 bigger 1

WordPress 3.0 (@WordPress3_0)

13-Dec-2016 16:50

How to #Import #Blog Posts from #GOOGLE Docs to #WordPress in One Click >> #Guideline #Tutorials #Wordable #Ad

index7 bigger 1

So I’ve made an account  on, connected it with my google docs accounts and published in my WordPress blog directly from the dashboard.

image dashboard
Google Docs WordPress Integration

Note the post is being saved as Draft so that I can edit the content using my favorite my blog post editor.

pasted image 0 2

So this seems an easy way to post google docs directly to your WordPress blog.

There are also couple of others ways directly from Google docs by using some add-on, however looking at each of them, it seems they are not updated recently.

I will update this post once I will sort it out with Zapier, which is a great tool for automation tasks.


Google Docs WordPress Integration Posting

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