Best blog sites use SSL certificates and the HTTPS Protocol


  1. Switch with your hosting provider to SSL certificate. Some hosting providers provide Free Shared SSL like InmotionHosting
  2. Install the WordPress login Really Simple SSL.
  3. Activate the plugin in your blog admin dashboard
  4. Add in Search Engine Console the new property with the HTTPS protocol. See here : Setup a new property in Google
  5. Make sure you submit again the sitemap index file to allow Google bots to crawl your site. See below a Youtube video on how to use Yoast to submit your sitemap to Google.
  6. Change the Google Analytics settings of your website to use the HTTPS protocol.

Let’s describe more in detail what you need to do. Most of the information is from the internet and there is good other information out there.

1.The first step is to check with your hosting provider that they have the possibility to activate a free shared SSL certificate on your domain or to acquire a full SSL Certif. You need to check that before you proceed with WordPress settings.

A known hosting provider with which I have good experience is Inmotion hosting.

If you need help in activating the SSL certificate with your hosting provided, I recommend to see this article.It’s describing how to do this  with Inmotion Hosting Cpanel, but it should be similar with other hosting providers as well.


2.Once you have activated your SSL certificate, you need to install on your WordPress blog a plugin called Really Simple SSL.

There are multiple Youtube videos which describe how to do that. You can search here : Really Simple SSL


3.After the plugin is installed, you need to activate it.

Please note that you will need to login again as your site will automatically switch to the https version.


best blog sites use ssl and https


Check under settings/SSL that everything is working properly. You should see a screen similar to below.


best blog sites use ssl https


Once everything is working correctly with SSL and your site blog has switched to HTTPS, you need to do some additional steps so that you maintain your presence on Google.

Best blog sites use SSL and do some additional steps to improve their SEO ranking.


4.You need to add your HTTPS property to Google Search Engine Console. Even if HTTP and HTTPS are just different protocols, Google see them as different properties. If you need to understand the difference between HTTP and HTTPS, I recommend to read this article.

Check here for more information on how to setup a new property in Google.

When everything is done, you will have in your Google Search Console both properties, with HTTP and with HTTPS. Unless you have different information on the HTTP property, you might want to remove it.

best blog sites use ssl and https


5.As you have setup a new property in Google Search Console, you will need to submit again your sitemap index so that Google bots can crawl your pages.

The Yoast SEO plugin allows users to create an XML sitemap. See  some youtube videos on how to use Yoast to create sitemaps

6.Change the Google Analytics settings of your website to use the HTTPS protocol. More on how to get started with Google Analytics in this article.

Six steps for your WordPress blog to become one of the best blog sites which uses SSL and HTTPS

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Best blog sites use ssl and https and you need to improve your SEO ranking and switching to HTTPS protocol will help.

Best Blog Sites Use SSL and HTTPS

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