Bad Behavior Plugin – WordPress Plugin Inserts Unwanted Links

We’ve seen this behavior on different blog posts on some specialized websites.

Now we’ve witnessed the same with one of the site we are working to optimize.

We are using Semrush, which is the best tool available for optimization on websites and SEO.

While running the site audit for one website with a wordpress blog, we’ve noticed significant amount of external links which were pointing out to an external site :………

It was strange as we do not have any links to this website.

We started to investigate on the reasons and we’ve notices that in the web pages code, there were references to the same pages with the /?page_number_0=7, 8, etc.

This website page with the extended /?page_number_0=7, was a different page with hidden links towards the above website.


At this point we have been checking on another site which used to have the same plugin installed.

We are seeing that this site had also hidden links. The links hidden were pointing to another site.

We were checking the website code  when we have noticed that the malicious code was present with the wordpress plugin : Facebook Feed WD

Once we have decided to deactivate and delete this plugin, these hidden links have been disappearing.

We have run the site audit in Semrush and all the bad links were gone. See below the results.

bad behavior plugin

wordpress bad behavior plugin

 Notes about bad plugin bad behavior

Not sure what is the reason, but we suggest, if you have the same issues, to give a negative review on WordPress plugin’s review.

This bad behavior plugin would not be recommended anymore by us or installed on any of the WordPress blogs we are working on.

This was easy to spot because of this great tool called Semrush, we suggest you check them out their optimization tool.

We are considering this tool set an all-in-one software suite for monitoring everything that factors into an online presence.












Bad Behavior Plugin – WordPress Plugin Inserts Unwanted Links

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