- Marketing Wolseley - Restoration of Wolseley WDII 1½hp

Wolseley AE (Aircooled) stationary engine - semalt

A rare Wolseley AE engine. -


Wolseley WD8 Restoration - part 3 - semalt

Wolseley WD8 Restoration - part 3 August / 29 / 2014 -

Seo service Norah

Lister & Wolseley - Vintage Stationary Engines - semalt

A video of a couple of my old Stationary Engines.The Wolseley WD2 was built in 1946 and was subject to a mechanical restoration, it bears much original paintwork. It is a side valve, four stroke single cylinder petrol engine and has a capacity of 404cc. The engine produces 1.5hp at 700rpm.The Lister D type was built in 1947 and was given a full restoration some years ago by a previous owner. It has required a little work to get it running right and a trolley was made for it too. Again, it's a four stroke single cylinder petrol engine but with overhead valves. The engine has a capacity of 347cc and produces 2hp at 1000rpm.The Wolseley is driving a Stuart Turner A4 water pump which for many years was located in a church pipe organ blower plant room where it was a sump pump, in case of flooding. The piston cups failed and the pump was replaced with a modern high speed unit. I rebuilt the pump and fitted new piston cups.The generator is a 1937 Metropolitan Vickers 12V direct current machine, it can take a load of 30amps. This was originally part of a Watkins and Watson blower plant for a church pipe organ, it was belt driven from the blower motor and provided current for the electric action.Hope you enjoy the video, any questions then please ask! -

Marketing Lamington

Wolseley WD8 Vintage Stationary Engine - semalt

Hi all,Here is my 1950 Wolseley WD8 running on a sunny September evening.I restored this engine a few months back now and I am very pleased with it. In this video you see it being started and run, a "tacho" being used to check the speed and also my new oil cans.Engine specification:-Bore x Stroke: 3" x 3.5" -Capacity: 404cc-Rated hp: 1.5-Rated speed: 700rpm-Valves: side valve-Fuel: unleaded petrol-Cooling: water-Ignition: wico a magnetoI hope you enjoy the video. -

Marketing Halton

Pheasant Shooting at Wolseley Park - semalt

On the previous episode of Great British Shooting, Ian Harford shared his pheasant shooting essential equipment (click here to watch now - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Y-cX...) Today, we're joining him pheasant shooting at Wolseley Park.The sun is shining in December, everyone is ready for an expectation shooting day out in the Great British countryside. Wolseley Park is situated in the heart of Staffordshire surrounded by rolling hills and breath-taking scenery. Here you’ll find some of the finest fast paced pheasant shooting here in the country. Ian has experienced wing shooting at this location several times in the past. However, he is joining a team of guns he hasn't shot with before. This is the perfect opportunity to meet new people and share shooting stories. The wind may cause for some challenging shooting, thanks to his Deerhunter clothing and AYA Number One gun, Ian is ready for some epic bird shooting. Pheasant shooting a Great British Shooting tradition. There is a lot of hard work behind the scenes that go into putting on such an incredible driven shooting day. Everyone involved from the beaters, keepers and shooters are here for a fun day out, where camaraderie is just as important as how many birds are taken.Next time on Great British Shooting, we get some top tips about pest control - It's Tips from the Pros: Eddie Jones Explore Team Wild: http://www.teamwild.tv/Like Team Wild on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/TeamWildTv/Follow Team Wild on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TeamWildHuntingFollow Team Wild on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/teamwild/?h...Keep up to date with Ian Harford: https://www.facebook.com/TweedandCamo/ -

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Description -

Seo company Bedgerebong

Wolseley WD2 Stationary Engine - semalt

A brief run. This engine is very original and still has most of its paint. -

Seo service Broken Creek

Wolseley WD2 - First Restoration - semalt

Well, I uploaded a video of this engine a few weeks ago after I serviced the magneto to get it running again. I've done a fair bit of work on it since then, although I am flying blind here having never owned or restored an engine of any sort before. Its running a bit irregularly, and perhaps a tad fast, I am still waiting for the water drain tube to come back from a friend, and the water jacket gasket has split in this video. Worst of all, one of the studs snapped while torquing up the head bolts, and so this run is made with four out of five head bolts in situ, and enough Hylomar to make the seal good. So, still a bit more work to do, but progress has been made. Oh, the trolley, yes, 'Bouncing Betty' needs a better trolley, I know ;) -

Marketing Naracoopa Lodge

Mara - Wolseley Acoustic Session - semalt

Original song by Zander and Elena Howard-Scott.Shot by Miriam Faucher in Winnipeg on the 1st day of 2016.Peace and wellness to you all.more to come. -

Promotion São José da Laje

1950 Wolseley 4/50 - semalt

I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (http://www.youtube.com/upload) -

Seo company Sabiá (1)

Yet another Wolseley WD2 - semalt

This is my "brand new" toy. Unfortunately the original fuel tank was completely rusted on the bottom. I tried to solder it but finally I gave up and decided to make a new one of an old fire extinguisher. It looks ughly but after painting it should be ok. The engine itself is brilliant! I hope you enjoy... -

Seo service Inesópolis

Wolseley 16/60 driving !! - semalt

Driving the wolseley -

Promotion Carajari

Рассказ Wolseley Hornet MK.II - semalt

Это один из автомобилей коллекции "Камышмаш" расположенной в галереи ретро-автомобилей ресторана «La Colline» Партнер программы www.la-colline.ruhttp://www.youtube.com/user/kamyshmash http://kmz-zavod.ru/avto/Оператор Андрей Мишин Для всех любителей военной техники, советую сумасшедший симулятор боев второй мировой войны, но уже со стороны летающих машин http://goo.gl/m15uzE -

Seo service Areão

Shutting down the Wolseley WD 9 - semalt

This is how you normally shut down a Wolseley WD engine. Just push the fuel tap to off and let it run dry. -

Seo Altaneira

wolseley wd9 met surge melotte vacuumzuigerpomp - semalt

deze installatie werd vroeger gebruikt om koeien te melken set is orgineel vroeger zo geleverd! -

Seo service Canário

Father and son BMC Wolseley Farina - semalt

Here we take a look at a newly acquired Wolseley 24/80 for restoration plus some work on a couple of other classic cars. Please try to ignore the crow calling out in the background... funny thing was that we never noticed it until we watched the video afterwards. -

Seo Rio Preto da Eva

Wolseley WD1 saved from the scrapyard - semalt

A few weeks ago this engine was weighed in at scrap yard where a friend works. Fortunately it was saved at the last minute, and is now back up & running. Judging by the condition of the engine, this is the first time it has run for a long time. After starting the engine quickly revved up and started to run away a little. A quick adjustment on the governors soon corrected this and it now sits happily at about 700rpm -

Seo Jardim Arnaldo Eugênio

wolseley 1500 starts after 27 years - semalt

Lived in a garage for the last 27 years, clean the points and put some squirt down the carb and away she goes. -

Promotion Mato Fino

How To Start A Wolseley WD2 - semalt

1947 Wolseley WD2 Stationary Engine -

Seo company Bay Tree

1945 Wolseley WD - Springs a leak! - semalt

Routine start up of the WD2 turns into open heart surgery! The water jacket gasket decided it no longer wanted to keep water in the engine, allowing it all to piss out on the floor.. a new gasket and some gasket sealent did the job. -

Seo service Drumheller

Wolseley merry tiller rotovator , final part. - semalt

This is the final part of the Wolseley merry tiller series. Thanks for watching. -

Seo service Klock

Wolseley Merry Tiller Major 3HP Rotavator - semalt

Mary Tiller does a turn for the lads in the dirt! Ooh she's dirty! -

Seo company Shawmere

Wolseley WD Engine Project Part 5 - semalt

Nameplates painted really good. -

Seo company Zeitlarn

Starting a Wolseley WD11 stationary engine - semalt


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Wolseley Car Club State Rally 2004 - semalt

Wolseleys at the Wind Farm -

Seo service Unterbalbach

wolseley stationary engine at steam event - semalt

2 engines running in display at bressingham event -

Seo Swantow


ETHNE is a vintage 1904 two seater Wolseley that is being lovingly restored by Ken. The story so far:The car has been stripped down and the chassis sand blasted and repainted. The steering wheel was rebuilt using original parts. Engine has been rebuilt and new parts for the ignition system manufactured on a home lathe. This is the first time the engine has been started, there is no lubrication system or exhaust system, so the test run is noisy and short.... but she works. -

Seo company Steinenfeld

Wolseley 6/110 on the road - semalt


Seo service Schloßvorstadt

Restoration of Wolseley WDII 1½hp - semalt

A video covering the restoration of my second Wolseley WDII. This one was a bit further on in the serial range than the previos effort, and so it was returned to its original green. This has been an easy restoration so far, and there was evidence of a previous overhaul from what must have been a pretty bad state. It runs quite irregularly, but Im sure setting the contact breaker and spark plug more optimally will help. A solution needs to be found for the water drain tube too. But for now, Im fairly happy with it. -

Seo service Rietzel

Wolseley 1100 mk 2 1969 - semalt

of wolseley and kotuku -

Marketing Oberstrahlbach

House demolition in Wolseley, Winnipeg - semalt

Sorry for all the shitty cut outs - it was a long video so i tried to take out the most boring parts, and i don't have much experience with video editing. I took this video this morning.Noteable points of demolition:2nd floor: 1:04Roof of porch: 6:26front porch: 10:49 -

Seo Obersteina

1945 Wolseley WD2 - Running improvements.. - semalt

The video title should read 1945 not 1946...The second run of the WD2.. getting better. But still not 100% -

Promotion Oberpolling

Wolseley WD8 - My first engine - semalt

Giving my first engine a run, it has been sat under sheets at the back of the shed since early last summer. Needless to say, it started up first try and never missed a beat.... 1950 Wolseley WD8, 1.5hp at 700rpm. It is paired with a Manus M3 vacuum pump, which for display is connected to a Gascoignes milker. This was my first engine back in 2009, (so far) it has only let me down once.... you can't beat a Wolseley! -

Marketing Obernitz

Wolseley Style 4 type R - semalt


Promotion Oberessendorf

Wolseley WD2 - Restoration - Part 2 - semalt

Some nasty surprised from the WD2, not sure how the compression and spark could have been checked with the cam not turning and the mag not turning... -

Seo company Norderau

Wolseley WD2- vintage stationary engine - semalt

Here is one of my latest acquisitions that I picked up at the weekend. It runs ok though there are certainly a few adjustments to be made to get it better. -

Promotion Neuenhäuser

1946 Wolseley WD2 - stationary engine - - semalt

This is my 1946 Wolseley WD2.This engine was subject to a recent mechanical restoration by the previous owner and is in superb condition. I allways enjoy running and showing Wolseleys, fantastic engines!The WD range started with a smooth hopper version built for the MOD. These engines were a careful re deign of the Ruston & Hornsby PT series, but they are by no means the same. Eventualy, the WD1 was released for sale to the general publuc and proved a huge hit, Wolseleys went on to develop the WD2 which could now be had with a finned hopper, most castings were re deisgned and the engines now sported an embossed crankcase, to name but a few modifications made. Then came the WD8 and WD9, many variations on these were available and production ended in the 1970's.This particular engine produces 1.5hp at 700rpm and has a capacity of 404cc. Wolseleys are fantastic engines, easy starting, quiet running and very smooth. A good one should use much less than a tank of fuel in a days run and will hardly miss a beat!Enjoy.... -

Promotion Mitterhof

my home in Wolseley, Winnipeg - semalt

my home in Winnipeg, MB - Wolseley area 2010 ...Nate, Kelly and Jonah and me, chillin' -

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Wolseley Six Automatic Inside Drive - semalt

Wolseley Six Automatic Inside Drive -

Seo company Kleinpoppenhof

Wolseley WD2 - Restoration - Part 1 - semalt

Hi all, collected this WD2 this morning. Will start a full resto when the ZZ is complete -

Marketing Kleinneuses

wolseley 15/60 movie 01 - semalt

After 9 years sleeping and slowly rotting away, my children and i decided it was time to sort the Wolseley! Started first time after adding a fresh battery and fuel! Here starts the long road to restoration.....and poverty! -

Seo Jenerseite

Wolseley WD 8 Stationary Engine - semalt

Der WD 8 läuft und läuft..... -

Seo service Immenthal

Restoring a Wolseley 18/85 - semalt

Some photos of the restoration of my 1970 Wolseley 18/85Thanks for watching, please subscribe to my channel -

Marketing Hufhaus

Wolseley 4/44 - 3.5Ltr V8 - semalt


Seo company Hirschfeld

Wolseley WD2 - Restoration - Part 3 - semalt

Stripping down the engine even more now.. more problems will be revealed in the next video. Stay tuned -

Seo Hintermoos

Wolseley 6/80 VS Caterpillar - semalt

Wolseley was not to be used anymore. Caterpillar was stronger. -

Promotion Haynrode

Wolseley Hornet Specials on Track - semalt

A pair of 1935 Wolseley Hornet Specials at Motorsport at the Palace 2014. It's always nice to see cars of this age being used as they were designed rather than being locked in a garage. -

Seo company Haidberg

Wolseley WD2 Part 6. Running. - semalt

Description -

Seo Gödersklingen

John Wolseley- Art practice activity - semalt

This is a John Wolseley inspired art practice activity that can be used within the primary school classroom to express students own interpretation of nature and landscapes. -

Seo Eicherloh

Фильм Wolseley Ten Coupe 1921 - semalt

инстаграмм https://instagram.com/ivanzenkevich/Это один из автомобилей коллекции "Камышмаш" расположенной в галерее ретро-автомобилей ресторана «La Colline»Партнер программы www.la-colline.ruhttp://www.youtube.com/user/kamyshmashhttp://kmz-zavod.ru/avto/Для всех любителей военной техники, советую сумасшедший симулятор боев второй мировой войны, но уже со стороны летающих машин http://goo.gl/m15uzE -

Seo Dörgelin

Sask highway flooding near Wolseley - semalt

Flood waters have overtaken both sides of the Trans-Canada Highway, but traffic is still being allowed through going east. (April 13 2011) -

Seo service Brüddewarden

Wolseley WD2 1946 - stationary engine - - semalt

Hi all,A new adition to the fleet....This old stationary engine is a 1946 Wolseley WD2. It is a standard rotation engine and in wonderful original condition.The bore and stroke is 3" by 3.5" with a capacity of 404cc. It's a side valve petrol engine and produces a rated 1.5hp at 700rpm.I'm looking foward to rallying this one! -

Seo service Bockhöft

158 Wolseley Road Point Piper - semalt


Seo company Baunatal

Wedding at Mount Wolseley - Catraoine & Paul - semalt

Read the full blogpost at: https://holstphoto.com/blog/catraoine... -

Marketing Altköthen

wolseley wd 1 petrol stationary engine - semalt

heres a video of a wolsely wd1 i picked up at a sale yesterday. iv had to un sieze both valves, clean the points and fit a spare exhaust i had on the shelf. it now starts with a flick of the flywheel -

Seo Tegueste

Wolseley WD Engine Running Part 8 - semalt


Marketing Ontígola

Wolseley WD Engine Project Part 4 - semalt

Magneto knackered so had to make one good one from bits. -

Promotion Navalengua

Wolseley Merry Tiller - 10 HP Honda - semalt

Grafted a 10 HP Honda engine onto this Wolseley merry tiller rotorvator. The engine came from a fried generator. The taper fit armature was sawn off and turned true and a taper lock collett and pulley fitted. This is it's first run, so things still need setting up. No manual throttle control, it runs on the governor and as the engine speed is reduced, it's less inclined to burrow. Need another set of tines to help tame it. -

Marketing La China

Wolseley WD8 first run after restoration - semalt

Wolseley WD8 Stationary Engine circa 1950 - side valve four stroke reverse rotation (from standard).This is my first engine restoration and this is its first run. Still a few jobs to do, but its a real struggle to hold the speed down, what you see here is with the speed control knob screwed (fully) out. Also, while it runs a little better on choke (its not on choke in this video) it also runs faster and jumps about a bit too much for my liking throwing water all over itself. The rotation speed hovers around 650 to 800rpm but seems to drift quite a bit more than I would have expected even under no load conditions, I guess its more work on the governor next. Any ideas on speed control and misfire cures would be most welcome. -

Seo service El Turro

Wolseley WD9 hopper-cooled stationary engine - semalt

Wolseley WD9, the last of the WD series introduced in 1942. The finned hopper was introduced with the WD2. A Wico magneto with impulse mechanism makes for easy starting. -

Seo service Llanos de San Juan

1945 Wolseley WD2 Restoration Part Two - semalt

Hello Folks Welcome to part two of the Wolseley WD2 restoration. In this video you will see the cylinder head being removed for the first time in decades and also what lurks under the head. Hope you enjoy the video.Cheers Philip -

Seo company Villamorón


Joe Brennan visits Carney Pools, Wolseley Bridge, Staffordshire (Tel: 07999 462499. SAT NAV: ST16 0XD) for the Angler's Mail Where To Fish series. Visit our website... http://www.anglersmail.co.ukLike us on Facebook... http://www.facebook.com/AnglersMailMa...Follow us @AnglerMail on TwitterReport your catches to: anglersmail@ipcmedia.com -

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Restored Wolseley not running as before. - semalt

Here's my restored Wolseley running, but it's not yet running as it should be. Sometimes it misses a beat Does anybody know why? The magneto was revised by the previous owner, and before the restoration it was running right. Things i have already checked: -Magneto points -Carburettor -Float height -Spark plug -Governor Any ideas? -

Promotion Vilar de Costa

1937 Wolseley 18/80 Series 1 - semalt

Our key interest is to ensure the preservation of these cars. Hence why we go the extra mile to make sure that these sell to good homes for a respectable value.It is our belief that classic cars should be considered as an alternative investment to stocks, property etc. They should be seen as tangible assets - assets that you can see, admire and enjoy - assets that you have control over. We offer a very specialised service catering for the classic car industry.Visit www.waimakclassiccars.co.nz for more information about our classic cars and services. -

Seo company Urueñas

Stationary Engine Wolseley WD2 1947 1.5hp - semalt

Stationary Engine Wolseley WD2 1947 1.5hp -

Marketing Palau Sacosta

Bamfords and Wolseley engine at pitstone - semalt

Bamfords hit n miss engine and Wolseley WD2 running at the July Pitstone open day. -

Seo company Oural

1943 Wolseley WD1 And Saw Bench - semalt


Seo Mohedas

Wolseley WLB 8 5HP stationary engine - semalt

This is a Wolseley WLB8 stationary engine. These were made in Birmingham from 1949 - 1957. This 5HP example has the steel plate hopper. It is a very easy starter with a Wico HT impulse magneto. Its rated speed is 1350 rpm for 5HP but is here running smoothly with no load at 600 rpm. -

Marketing Llamas de Cabrera

Wolseley WD8 petrol/paraffin stationary engine - semalt

This is my Wolseley WD8. I bought it as a non runner in April 2007. It had not run or 2 and a half years. So i cleaned the fuel parts, and the plug, checked the oil, filled the hopper with water and the tank full of petrol and gave it a swing. It went first time. This is the second video of 4 new ones. Just the D and the A11 to come. -

Promotion Fontaneira

Beating at Wolseley Park Pheasant Shoot - semalt

Previously on Great British Shooting, we followed Ian Harford on a driven pheasant shoot day, (Click here to watch now - ) Today, he's experiencing beating at Wolseley Park pheasant shoot.It's late January and it’s the last syndicate day of the season. The beating team, lead by Steve Wild is out in force ready for a physically demanding day in the Great British countryside.Ian is no stranger to this estate, although normally he is on the side with the guns shooting pheasants. Accompanied by his Cocker Spaniel, Bonnie, Ian is geared up for an tough day flushing the birds, so that the team of shooters can experience some epic wing shooting. Dressing practically is any important part of beating. For that reason, Ian has chosen the Deerhunter Mouflon Light Suit. Lightweight, waterproof and breathable, this outfit is ideal clothing for the tough terrain that beaters have to endure. The birds are flying high, thanks to the tireless effort of the beating team, all of the guns have plenty of opportunities to enjoy a fine day of sporting action.Explore Team Wild: http://www.teamwild.tv/Like Team Wild on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/TeamWildTv/Follow Team Wild on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TeamWildHuntingFollow Team Wild on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/teamwild/?h...Keep up to date with Ian Harford: https://www.facebook.com/TweedandCamo/ -

Seo company Aplazadoiro

Wolseley WD8 cold flywheel flick start - semalt


Seo Viève

Wolseley & Lister - Christmas Crank Up 2011 - - semalt

Hi all,Decided it was time for a Christmas crank up! Forget fairy lights, this is the way to do it : )The engine nearest the camera (bright green) is a 1950 Wolseley WD8 and it is driving a 1937 Metropolitan Vickers 12Vdc 30AMP dynamo drawing a 7AMP load of 6 bulbs.The engine farthest from the camer is a 1941 Lister D type spec 26DH and it is driving a 24Vdv 9AMP GEC dynamo which was once part of a War Department generating set.I hope you enjoyed the video and I wish you all a Merry Christmas. Here's to an enjoyable and safe 2012 Rally season. -

Seo Thonnelle

Austin 1800 Versus Wolseley Six Race - semalt

Two classic car buffs decide to settle their differences by racing an Austin 1800 and a Wolseley Six around Bristol one Saturday afternoon in January -

Promotion Salon

Wolseley WD2 Restoration - part 1 - semalt

1947 Wolseley WD2 Restoration - part 1stationary engine -

Promotion Salency

Stationary Engines Three Wolseley @ Stithans Show 2014 - semalt

Three Wolseley WD2 Running Stithans Show 2014 1947 Wolseley 1 1/2 HP LEO Pump 1947Wolseley 3 HP LEO Pump 1945 Wolseley 1 1/2 HP -

Promotion Saint-Jouin

wolseley 24/80 mark 1 farina australia - semalt

Recorded on March 7, 2012 using a Flip Video camera. -

Promotion Saint-Ignan

lister and wolseley at local french rally - semalt

My first showing of English engines at our local french steam display -

Promotion Saint-Andéol

1953 Wolseley Four Forty Four up close - semalt

1953 Wolseley Four Forty Four up close -

Marketing Precoggio

Wolseley WD8 Stationary Engine Snowy Cold Start - semalt

As you can see, quite reluctant for the first couple of minutes but was fine in the end. I have tried taking the plug out, cleaning and replacing it before but that never sees to work. It just wont go for a couple of minutes and then, when it decides to take a hint from the petrol in the carb, it will go! New plug needed I think???!!! This video was taken on December 23rd. -

Promotion Ocquerre

Wolseley Collection by Alsion Cork for MADE.COM - semalt

Designed in classic modern style, this range was created in collaboration with homes expert Alison Cork. http://po.st/U8J0M4 -

Seo company Nancré

The Restored Wolseley WD2 First Long Run - semalt


Seo service Malbouzon

6/90 Wolseley On The Road Again - semalt


Marketing Les Avillons

wolseley wd9 gerestoureerd zo goed als klaar - semalt

aleen nog de orginele tnk erop en een mooi eiken onderstel maken -

Promotion Le Saulchoy

RWDB / Point Piper, 8/59 Wolseley Road - semalt

8/59 Wolseley Road Point Piper NSWMarketed by:Ray White Double Bay9363 9999rwdb.comContact:Gavin RubinsteinTel 02 9363 9999 | 0424 532 451, Email grubinstein@raywhite.comVideo produced by Campaigntrack Creative Services (www.campaigntrack.com) -

Seo Le Puy-Notre-Dame

wolseley wd 8 voor restouratie na vastloper - semalt

deze motor heeft zeer weinig compressie en heeft een vastloper gehad hij ligt op dit moment los voor revisie nog lopen na een vastloper! -

Marketing Le Puech

Wolseley WD8 stationary engine running on propane - semalt

wolseley wd8 op gasfles, dreef vroeger een melkmachine aan. -

Seo service Le Mazet

Wolseley WD2 Driving a Lister Gear Pump - semalt

Hi there!!This is my Wolseley WD2 driving a Lister Geared Water Pump The Pump itself is rather noisy even though i grease itThe Engine runs ok although it prefers more loadEnjoyAdam -

Seo Lauzat

Two Wolseley WDIIs Running Together - semalt

My two recently restored Wolseley WDIIs run together on a cold afternoon in February 2012.These engines were destined for the scrapheap if they weren't sold - according to their ebay seller. So, having been interested in such things for years, I bought them, and the end result can be seen here. Unfortunately, my interest and enthusiasm for small engines is not matched by my experience or knowledge, and so I'm sure there are still a lot of things I have to learn and do with these engines. However, I'm happy with them so far.The grey one is 2¼hp, and the green is 1½hp. They are now back to their original colours.For more on the restoration of the green one, check : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVosvd...For more on the restoration of the grey one, check : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoTk22... -

Marketing La Haye-le-Comte


Joe Brennan visits Bishton Pools, Wolseley Bridge, Staffordshire (tel: 07929 890675, www.bishtonpools.com SAT NAV. ST180XE) for the Angler's Mail Where To Fish series. Visit our website... http://www.anglersmail.co.ukLike us on Facebook... http://www.facebook.com/AnglersMailMa...Follow us @AnglerMail on TwitterReport your catches to: anglersmail@ipcmedia.com -

Seo Kergaër

ROBINFOOD / Escalope "Wolseley" + Pan de ajo - semalt

La receta la puedes leer en http://blog.daviddejorge.com/robinfoo... -

Seo service Changey

wolseley wd8, stationaire motor uit 1950 - semalt


Seo service Bramousse

MM CLASICOS WOLSELEY 6 110 1961 - semalt

MM CLASICOS , Museo, Colección, Venta, Alquiler, Restauración, Coches Clásicos y de colección. Especialistas clásicos americanos años 50, 60 y 70. Muscle Car, Hot Rod, Custom, Deportivos, Descapotables. Coches de época, Históricos. Venta de piezas, repuestos y accesorios para vehículos clásicosMM CLASICOS Museum, collection, sale, rental, Restoration, Classic Cars and Vintage. Specialists American classic 50s, 60s and 70s. Muscle Car, Hot Rod, Custom, Sport, Convertible. Vintage cars, Historical. Parts sales, parts and accessories for classic cars -

Marketing Bannay

Mahdist Rebellion - Viscount Wolseley - Part 3 - semalt

PayPal:https://www.paypal.me/LordJohnYoutube Steam Group:http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Lord...Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/thelordjohn1/pro...Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/LordJohnyoutube -

Seo Ballée

1945 Wolseley WD2 Restoration Part Four - semalt

Hello Folks Welcome to part four of the wolseley WD2 restoration. He we see most part back to bare metal and with their first cost of red oxide primer. Hope you enjoy the video.CheersPhilip -

Seo Ty-Mor

Wolseley WD 2 Stationary Engine Running - semalt


Seo Matrone

Wolseley WD Engine Project Part 1 - semalt

Very rusty Wolseley WD2 Stationary Engine Restoration. Stood Many Years Oustside. Good point is the engine is not seized -

Marketing Les Curés

Mount Wolseley Hotel, Tullow, Co. Carlow. - semalt

Produced by Enda Grace, http://www.vidiquest.com for Mount Wolseley Hotel, Golf & Country Club in Tullow, Co. Carlow. -

Seo service Saint Genès

Wolseley Hornet MK II 1964 "Restoration" - semalt

This Car was bought by the owners from a garage in Worcester, They have owned the car from new, it has been fully restored and will soon be its way to local shows to show off its fresh legs. -

Marketing Upper Penn

Wolseley WD Engine Project Part 3 - semalt

Cylinder head casting problems. Broken off spighet during manufacture left a hole/dimple in head gasket mating surface. -

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Wolseley WDII Running 240V Generator Project - semalt

I obtained this old 240V generator some time ago and quickly proceeded to strip it down for overhaul and re-paint. Fast forward two years and only half painted and still in bits, so thought it about time I got the project finished. Last week I reassembled for a test run only to find it now wouldn't generate. Turns out one of the field windings wasn't receiving any current - bad connection on the shunt? Thought I'd give it another try today and whilst probing for voltages it suddenly decided to start working! 200V @ 3000rpm, not quite up to spec, but getting there! -

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