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Upper Niagara River Bass Fishing - semalt

Be sure to visit us at http://www.SmallWatersFishing.comFollow us on Twitter @SmallWatersFish http://twitter.com/#!/SmallWatersFish"Like" us Facebook.com/SmallWatersFishinghttp://www.facebook.com/smallwatersfi... -


Kayaking the Upper River Dart - semalt

Kayaking the Upper Dart at a good level -

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kayaking the upper guadalupe river - semalt

kayak to bike to car -

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Upper Missouri River Canoe Trip - semalt

We paddled the first 89 miles of the Upper Missouri River Breaks in late August, 2010. We spent 7 days, 6 nights in this beautiful, peaceful section of the river. -

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River Bank Run Promotion Video - semalt


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Carp Fishing Upper Niagara river - semalt

While fishing for largemouth on the Upper Niagara we found another carp filled weed flat. If you always wanted to catch carp on the fly or with floating bread these are the spots you want to target. www.fishinniagara.com -

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Upper Klamath River Salmon Fishing - semalt

Upper Klamath river Salmon fishing with pro-guide Randy Wells of Oregon Fishing Adventure. -

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Canoeing the upper Delaware River. - semalt

Canoeing the upper Delaware River. Sept. 2008 This is the beginning of Staircase Rapids. What a beautiful day! -

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Kayaking the Upper Iowa River - semalt

We put in at Plymouth Rock and paddled down to Bluffton Labor day weekend 2016. It was a very scenic trip. We saw some eagles and eagle nest, mink, pileated woodpecker and a groundhog. -

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Kayaking the Upper salt river - semalt

Kayaking the Upper Salt River 3600cfs -

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Upper Delaware River Canoe Trip - semalt

Arianne DeCerb and Gregory Kanter float from Skinners Falls, past Narrowsburg, to Ten Mile River -

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FS17 Upper Mississippi River Valley!!!! - semalt

New map for me and a great map for farm SimGJG TeamSpeak- you would like to help me out to better my content heres the link-https://youtube.streamlabs.com/UCWlfE...Some Gereat channels you need to check out!! ---------Gearjammer-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUsv...Dawsonhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2B1...Jeff Favignano-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLVn...Polecat324-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3z5...Blaze'n gamer-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtfq...Bay Area Buggs-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO4r... -

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Upper Mississippi River Nature Scenic - semalt

This is an animal video filmed in the Upper Mississippi River Nature Scenic, stunning 4k video of wild nature beautiful birds. -

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- semalt


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Upper Dearborn River Fly Fishing - semalt

Jack nymphs a nice pool on the Dearborn River, Montana -

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Upper Missouri River on Canoes - semalt

Nine of us canoe'd and kayaked from Coal Banks Landing to Kipp Recreational Area in Montana, more than 100 miles, in August 2013. Much of it was captured with a time-lapse camera and lots of still photography. Lewis and Clark traversed the Missouri up river in 1805. The most excellent outfitter of canoes, water jugs and potty packs was AdventureBoundCanoe.com in Fort Benton, MT. -

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Upper Gauley River Whitewater Rafting - semalt

White water rafting in West Virginia. The upper Gauley River is rated #2 In america and #7 in the world. the best rafting on the east coast! -

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Adventure Gold. Upper Turon River - semalt

In this video we do some test panning in the gravels after a moderate flood in the river. I point out some indicators in the gravels that point to where the gold has collected. -

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Wild Upper Boise River (HD) - semalt

Idaho Rivers United is fighting to keep the Middle Fork Boise River and North Fork Boise River flowing wild and free, free of a new dam. This Google Earth tour over the wild river canyons includes scenic photos and a graphic overlay of the dam sites being considered.http://idahorivers.orgGoogle Earth fly in and video produced by Mountain Visions, Boise, Idaho August 2012.http://www.mountainvisions.com/getour... -

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Day 2 Upper Rangitata River - semalt

Produced with CyberLink PowerDirector 14 -

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Upper Colorado River Fly Fishing - semalt

I hit a deer this morning so my truck is currently out of comission. I hopped on my bike and rode down to the nearest fishing spot to turn the day around. Sad morning but fantastic afternoon! MUSIC: Tozen by Gyvus -

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Under the Upper Nehalem River. - semalt

A scuba dive in the Nehalem River; just outside of Vernonia, Oregon. Animal life includes: Signal Crayfish (Crawdad), Sculpin (Bullhead), Caddisfly Larvae (Periwinkle), Hydrobiidae Snail (Mud Snail), and a Western Brook Lamprey Ammocoete (Baby Eel). Water temperature: high of 45 °F and low of 40 °F. Stream current was slow to moderate. Depth 5-20 feet, w/ 10 foot average. 2015/04/27, 17:30-18:45. Vernonia, Oregon. -

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The River Teign. Upper course. - semalt

The upper course of the river Teign. -

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Upper Chilliwack River Bench Road - semalt

Had a chance to stop and watch these pink salmon while doing a river cleanup with my son. Could have watched them for hours, this is why we respect their environment. -

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Upper Metolius River - Whitewater Kayaking - semalt

One of two laps down the always scenic, always flowing Metolius river near Sisters, Oregon. This river is an amazing place and the geology that forms this valley is unique to the Metolius. This river baffles hydrologists as it simply flows out of the ground at a few hundred cfs from a series of underground lava tubes in the mountain. Cold springs add flow along the way, pouring directly into the river at a chilly 39 degrees F. This pristine, clear water is heaven for native fish such as the bull trout. Though the whitewater is even better downstream, the many logs spanning the river and the lack of a winter flooding event means that these logs never clear out and pose serious hazards to watercraft. We also stopped to hike up and run a few hundred yards of Jack Creek which is a tributary of the Metolius...one of the many creeks and springs that triple the flow of the river between Wizard Falls (our takeout) and Lake Billy Chinook, the terminus of this river. -

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- semalt


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2013 Fishing Upper Kenai River - semalt

Sockeye Fishing on the Upper Kenai River -

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Upper Arley and River severn - semalt

A short edit from footage shot in February 2015 just across the River Severn at Upper Arley in Worcestershire. The video is far from steady since the footage was shot using a UAV that had a single axis gimbal which is better suited to still photography rather than video.The UAV that was used to capture this footage has since been retired from operations.Video was rendered at 1080 HD 30fps with a moderate data rate.www.flushvision.co.uk -

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Upper Potomac River Smallmouth Fishing - semalt

First time fishing the Upper Potomac River at Algonkian. Will (aka @alohaWill on Instagram) and I caught some smallmouth bass. We even found fish near Trumps National Golf Course. -

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Upper Mekong River in Tibet - semalt

Along the headwaters of the Mekong River in the Kham region of Tibet. For more information on Tibet, go to: http://www.thelandofsnows.com/ -

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Upper Promotion Presenta: Gala de Boxeo 2. - semalt

Segunda edición de Gala de Boxeo, realizada el 6 de Febrero del 2016 en el Salon La Fiesta del Hotel Jaragua.Republica Dominicana con Carlos Adames "Caballo Bronco" VS Venezuela con Kelly Figueroa como pelea Estelar.Y la Co-Estelar con el dominicano Alberto Puello "La Avispa" contra el venezolano Pedro Verdu.Mas información: Upperpromotion@gmail.com -

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Flood on Upper Mississippi River - semalt

via YouTube Capture -

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upper cuyahoga river kayak fishing - semalt


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Paddleboarding The Upper Green River - semalt

Green River Games Athletes Ben Moore and Trey Knight give us a tour featuring SUP on the Upper Green River in Saluda NC. These guys make it look good! -

Seo Gallingkofen

Upper Missouri River - July 2013 - semalt

An epic 50 mile float trip with Mark Griffith, his 9 year old son Miles, Seth Neilson and his two sons Ian (13) and Ben (11) and his Seth's Dad Erik. We put in at Coal Banks and took out at Judith Landing. You can read more about the trip on Mark's blog : http://blog.niffgurd.com/2013/07/the-...Mark's pictures from the trip : https://www.flickr.com/photos/niffgur...Seth pictures from the trip : https://www.flickr.com/photos/unticka... -

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Kayaking The Upper Wood River - semalt

Paddling the Wood River in the Klamath Basin. Launch from Kimball State Park and take out at Fort Klamath Day Use Area. -

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Jetboating the Upper Rangtaiki River - semalt

Three Kawasaki powered boats check out a stretch of the Rangitaiki river. Fairly low river level. -

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- semalt


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Arkansas Kayaking - Upper Kings River - semalt

Upper Kings - 11/29/15Dallas Black, Laramy Ridley, Jimbo Martin, John DossMusic - City of Dreams (Dirty South and Alesso) -

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Upper Little Manistee River - Uncanoeable? - semalt

The book, "Canoeing Michigan Rivers" by Jerry Dennis and Craig Date describes the stretches above Indian Bridge (Irons Rd.) as being too small and choked with trees for enjoyable canoeing. Or something to that affect, I don't have the book available to reference it as I type this, may revise later. And even starting at Indian Bridge one can expect a few obstructions and to have to pull through about five wide shallow sections. Actually, I had only a couple shallow places to pull through in this section above Irons Rd., but had about a dozen trees to pull over or push under, many more had been partly cleared. Took me three and a half hours. No houses in this section till near Indian Bridge though most of the stretch is though privately owned land. Beautiful, peaceful, I will do this stretch again though I'm not sure I will ever try the section above this starting from Old Grade as it looks to be too brushy. First time I ever have run this section.▶ Check out my gear on Kit: https://kit.com/HillOrStream -

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- semalt


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My Movie upper pack river - semalt

pack river -

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Ray Walton visits the Hampshire Avon, Upper Winkton, Dorset (tel: 01202 480009 www.christchurchac.org.uk SAT NAV BH23 7AS) for the Angler's Mail Where To Fish series. Visit our website... http://www.anglersmail.co.ukLike us on Facebook... http://www.facebook.com/AnglersMailMa...Follow us @AnglerMail on TwitterReport your catches to: anglersmail@ipcmedia.com -

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Upper Washougal River Swimming Hole - semalt

Gordon and I went to (upper) Washougal River in Washington to SCUBA dive in a swimming hole. We had to repel fully geared with ropes to get into the water. In the water saw a school of Stealheads, and decided to hang out with them. -

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Upper Colorado River Float Trip - semalt


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Insignificant Rapid Upper Gauley River - semalt

Bad line into the huge pourover........ -

Seo Motos

Upper braan river guide scotland - semalt

kayaking the river braanupper sectionPUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Put in at Amulree (NN 90067 36774). There are laybys either side of the road by the old hotel with plenty of room for cars. Easy access to the river is found between the old and new bridges.For a much shorter trip you can put on at the bridge at NN 95932 39577. This section only includes the gorge at the end.Take out in a layby about 1km upstream of the Rumbling bridge turn off where the river is close to the road (NN 98984 40566). Mark the take out before you get on as it can be difficult to see from the river.There is an alternate takeout at a small bridge on a minor road about 1km upstream of this, however the farmer here is extremely angry every time we see him, you have been warned. If you do take out here, get out below the bridge on the left and climb the gate not the fence and park so the turning is not obstructed. Generally on this river it is best to leave as many cars as possible at the top.APPROX LENGTH: 12kmTIME NEEDED: 3-4 hours. Although the section is long, there are very few flat parts and you will cover ground faster than you might expect.ACCESS HASSLES: See take out info on the farmer at the bridge.WATER LEVEL INDICATORS: Rises and falls very quickly - you will need a lot of rain. Gauge available here: http://canoescotland.org/where-go/whe...GRADING: 3(3+) at low-medium flows, 3(4) at high flows.The gorge gets scary at spate levels, however the upper section from Amulree is runnable at grade 4 until you get to the first (rather low) bridge (NN 91992 37809), then you may as well get out anyway.MAJOR HAZARDS/ FALLS: Be aware that Rumbling Bridge falls is about 1km below the take out, however this should not cause any problems.Most of this section is tree lined, be careful of blind corners.GENERAL DESCRIPTION: At Amulree the river starts flat, a good place to admire the scenery. The pace picks up quickly and soon you are into a couple of km of continuous grade 3, very alpine in style. Eddies here are very small! The gradient slackens off and soon you come to the first bridge. This signifies the start of the long relaxing float section in the middle (grade 2).You pass under a stone bridge, then finally another metal bridge. It’s not far to the gorge from here, a km or so of grade 2 and the first easy drop is on a sharp bend to the right. The next drop (grade 3+ to 4, level dependent) is easily recognised by the large horizon line that you can’t see the bottom of. Inspection is difficult (cliff scrambling on the right, and you'll need to go a long way to see all of the holes you might end up in), but you can boat scout the left line from some small eddies over there in low - medium water. There are other lines in the center and on the right, divided by rocky ledges that become big holes with more water. These lines can be very tight in high water with long surfs in the munchy holes for those who drift off. Murray Peden reports that they once had a 3 person party hole on river right at 1.4 on the gauge. Now you’re into the gorge proper. There are a few more drops from grade 3 up to 4 in high water, with the biggest under the bridge. Eddy hopping is usually the best strategy. Watch out for a tricky hole just after the bridge! A big eddy here usually lets you pick up all the pieces.Don’t relax too soon as the last rapid (grade 3+) is just round the next corner, a long boulder garden with some big waves. The bottom of this rapid often has fallen trees in the eddies which can make rescues a bit tricky, however it’s no more than grade 2 from here to the take out.OTHER NOTES: If you like your rapids very scary, there is a grade 5 just above Rumbling bridge, though if you miss your line you better hope your safety crew know what they’re doing!https://www.ukriversguidebook.co.uk/r... -

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Upper Owens River Fly Fishing - semalt

Summer 2014. Fly fishing the Upper Owens River Eastern Sierra -

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Upper niagara river bass frenzy - semalt

Jigging them up -

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Upper Niagara River Bass Fishing - semalt

Some footage from the last two tournaments on the Upper Niagara River. All fish came on a tube or a drop shot. songs-took a pill in ibiza -someone to lean on -ride -

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Upper Wando River Boat Ride - semalt


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Upper Columbia River fly fishing - semalt

Fly fishing on the Upper Columbia River above Lake Roosevelt in British Columbia -

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Upper Blackhall River Dee Scotland - semalt

The beautiful River Dee on the exclusive Upper Blackhall beat. -

Seo Vaubrun

Upper Sacramento River Fly Fishing - semalt

Memorial Day 2012 Fly Fishing in Dunsmuir, CA on the Upper Sacramento River. Testing out GOPRO Hero2 HD Video camera. -

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AC/DC Stiff Upper Lip Promotion Commercial - semalt

From France 2000 -

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Upper Gauley River, WV 2014 - semalt

Our first decent on the upper Gauley River in West Virginia. Viking Canoe Club and the BlueGrass Wildwater Association. -

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Fishing The Upper Mulberry River - semalt

Fishing the upper Mulberry River for large and small mouth bass. Caught a few and watched the locals take a bath in the creek. -

Seo Rièrette

Upper Gauley River Sept 2011 - semalt

Ace Adventure Resort rafting trip to the Upper Gauley River in WV. 9/17/11. Josh Lawson -

Seo Puits-Jolly

Upper Falls Of Coal River - semalt

Kids and adults have been swimming here for generations. This section was part of an old Grist Mill. I love the way you can see the flat bedrock in this video and photos. -

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Upper Devils River Bass Fishing - semalt

Devils River in south west Texas, November 2010. -

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Cedar Rapids, Upper Delaware River - semalt


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Upper Pitt river Coho Day - semalt

A beautiful fall day spent chasing Coho salmon on the Upper Pitt river in B.C. on the fly. -

Seo Mont-Édeline

Upper Sacramento River Trout Dunsmuir - semalt

April 27th, 2014 with a light rain the Upper Sac turned on with a creamy dun hatch and Jim Evans lands a beauty trout on a dry with Jack Trout at the oars. www.jacktrout.com -

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Upper Kern River Fly Fishing - semalt

Fly Fishing the upper kern -

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Tutu kiki, Upper Suriname River - semalt

In this clip we will take you on a trip to Tutu kiki, a small forest creek close to the village of Nieuw Aurora. The film was made during our 2012 expedition to the upper Suriname river. For more information please visit our website www.aquatic-discoveries.nl -

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Upper Pigeon River Rafting - Wildwater - semalt

http://wildwaterrafting.com/portfolio...The Upper Pigeon River trip is an ideal half-day trip for novices, families, youth groups, and outdoor enthusiasts. There is a guide in each raft on all trips, and the trip length is 2 hours total. It's a perfect afternoon adventure for ages 8 and up during your time in the Smokies. A dam controlled river, the Pigeon provides action-packed fun throughout the summer. The dam-controlled Upper Pigeon River has Class II, III and IV rapids, varying during the season based on release dates and rainfall. It's an wonderful whitewater experience for the whole family. Trips run on scheduled releases in the summer on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, May through Labor Day. Spring rafting before May runs based on rainfall (and we almost always have it in April!). No previous whitewater rafting experience is needed for this trip.The Upper Pigeon River is near Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, and Sevierville, TN. Wildwater's Pigeon River Adventure Center is located with easy access off of Interstate I-40, and the Upper trip takes out right there at the adventure center. Wildwater is Southeast's pioneer rafting company, running the first commercial rafting trips in the southeast since 1971. Enjoy the best facilities, staff, equipment, and experience with Wildwater. -

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Tigerfishing - Upper Zambezi River - Zambia - semalt

One of our most memorable fishing trips after trophy sized Tigerfish on the upper Zambezi river. Staying at the fantastic Matoya Fishing Lodge. We fished low water in October which is big tiger time !. Watch the film to see some monster tigers over 16lbs. Great people and a stunning place to fish. -

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Exploring the Upper Clackamas River - semalt


Promotion Gironville-sur-Essonne

Upper San Juan River trip - semalt

June 30 - July 3, 2016~4,500cfsSand Island to Mexican Hat -

Seo Coubladour

upper Ottawa River canoe trip - semalt

Author, Kevin Callan, paddles the Upper Ottawa River with his family -

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Upper Guadalupe River, TX 20160813 - semalt


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Upper Chattahoochee River Bass Fishing - semalt


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Kayaking the Upper Red River - semalt

Jon Mandt and Austin Clark running the upper Red River in eastern Kentucky. -

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Upper Jondachi River, Ecuador 2010 - semalt

The Upper Jondachi is some of the best creeking in Ecuador. Pristine pool drop and tons of boofs. Over 80 rapids in 10 kilometers! Come on down and boat this Ecuadorian classic.Small World Adventures has been guiding deluxe week long kayaking trips in Ecuador for 17 years. We were the first company to offer kayaking trips in Ecuador, and wrote the Kayaker's Guide to Ecuador. We have an exclusive riverside lodge on the Rio Quijos, near Baeza, Ecuador, with a gourmet chef, onsite massage therapist, the most experienced expert guides in Ecuador and over 60 kayaks in our fleet to choose from. Our experience in Ecuador means we have the logistics dialed so you can maximize the fun. Come join us for your best paddling vacation ever! http://www.smallworldadventures.comcheck out our blog too:http://www.smallworldadventures.blogs... -

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Kayaking Upper Guadalupe River, TX - semalt

Just north of Canyon Lake, Texas, starting at Nichols Landing and ending at Rebecca Creek, this Guadalupe River run is a mix of smooth water and easy rapids and takes about 5 hours. -

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KAG Kayaking Upper Myakka River - semalt

Kayaking with KAG on the upper Myakka River at Myakka River State Park 02.11.2016Unfoldment, Revealment, Evolution, Exposition, Integration by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...) Source: http://chriszabriskie.com/reappear/ Artist: http://chriszabriskie.com/ Touchpoint by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...) Artist: http://audionautix.com/ -

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River Tay. Farleyer Upper beat. - semalt

Salmon fly fishing on the Farleyer upper beat of the Tay, Aug 2016.Apologies for quiet audio. Camera was in a watertight case which hindered the mic from picking up sound..Need to turn vol up full.. -

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Abandoned Boat - Upper Colorado River - semalt

Abandoned boat wrapped around a rock below the needle's eye rock on the upper Colorado River. -

Seo Palnackie

Canoeing the Upper Sabine river - semalt

Two day father/ son paddle of a 22 mile stretch of the upper Sabine river in East Texas. We put in just south of Big Sandy at TX 155 made camp just past the 11 mile mark and took out at US 271 in Gladewater. All footage was from the first day. Drained the camera's batteries. Canoe is a Pelican Dakota 15.5All pics and footage with Nikon AW100. -

Promotion Newtownhamilton

Upper Wind River 750 CFS - semalt

My first time down the Upper wind at an medium to low flow of 750 CFS. I didn't realize we were approaching Rams Horn so I went right down the middle which is not the right line. My skirt blew in the hole so I couldn't roll but held on long enough for Adam to give me a T rescue. Happy with the run but looking for a cleaner run next time. -

Seo company Lower Bayble

Kayaking the Upper Pigeon River - semalt

A great day on the water with clean lines. -

Seo service Hunston

Upper Waiau and Hope River - semalt

Jetboating Upper Waiau River and into the Hope River, New Zealand. -

Promotion Scola

Upper Black River, Greenwood Wisconsin - semalt

Day 6, final day of this film gathering trip; This is a great streatch of river. I'll make time to explore more of it. -

Marketing San Pellegrino

Fishing The Upper Columbia River - semalt

To Learn More About Pautzke Bait: http://www.pautzke.comLike us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pautzkebait -

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Upper Big Hole River Retreat ~ Wise River, MT - semalt


Promotion Piana di Caiazzo

Upper Kenai River July 2016 - semalt

Dry Fly Fishing the Upper Kenai River Alaska with Troutfitters - the best fly fishing guides on the Kenai!! -

Promotion San Mamete

Backcountry 2013 - Salmon River (Upper) - semalt

Watch in 1080P HD. Whitewater footage montage starts at 1:57 This video highlights canoe tripping on the Upper Salmon River in Central Ontario. This is a whitewater river which served as an introduction to the ladies who had never experienced moving water before. We stuck to CI-II to instruct, work on basic skills and work up their moving water confidence. The route is a popular spring run for playboats but is seldom used for canoe tripping and there are only a few rough campsites located along the way. With an ABS boat and spray deck you could most certainly run a loaded canoe down the majority of rapids in summer if the flow is around 7.5-9cms.The trip resulted in disappearing portages, un-runnable rapids (at least for our boats and overall group experience), a camera falling into the water, and Nick and Rebecca capsizing through some rapids. Overall a great trip with many unexpected twists and turns but the consensus was the ladies loved the rapids.Visit www.explorethebackcountry.com -

Promotion Turago Bordone

Upper Tar River: Wilton Slopes - semalt

Upper Tar River: Wilton SlopesUncle Steve fishes the Upper Tar River at Wilton Slopes Park in Wilton (Ganville County), North Carolina.USGS Water Monitor Station: USGS 02081500 TAR RIVER NEAR TAR RIVER, NCFishing date: 30 JUNE 2011[vado sansa avidemux audacity] -

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Fairview Campsite Upper Kern river - semalt

This video was uploaded from an Android phone. -

Seo company Oronzo Persio

Upper Little Manistee River - Uncanoeable? - semalt

Originally Published on Aug 31, 2013 on HillOrStreamThe book, "Canoeing Michigan Rivers" by Jerry Dennis and Craig Date describes the stretches above Indian Bridge (Irons Rd.) as being too small and choked with trees for enjoyable canoeing. Or something to that affect, I don't have the book available to reference it as I type this, may revise later. And even starting at Indian Bridge one can expect a few obstructions and to have to pull through about five wide shallow sections. Actually, I had only a couple shallow places to pull through in this section above Irons Rd., but had about a dozen trees to pull over or push under, many more had been partly cleared. Took me three and a half hours. No houses in this section till near Indian Bridge though most of the stretch is though privately owned land. Beautiful, peaceful, I will do this stretch again though I'm not sure I will ever try the section above this starting from Old Grade as it looks to be too brushy. First time I ever have run this section.▶ Check out my gear on “Kit”: https://kit.com/HillOrStream47 views when moved from HillOrStream -

Seo Spinaci

River Herring In Potomac River Upper Tidal Zone - semalt

Blueback herring and alewife spawning in the Potomac River near historic Chain Bridge. These are the ones that have not been eaten by striped bass or taken out by poachers. Current moratorium on river herring states no fish can be take out of the river. -

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Upper Mistaya River Alberta - World Kayak River Guide - semalt

World kayak river video guide for the Upper Mistaya river in Alberta, Canada shot on Gopro2 -

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- semalt


Seo Valgenauna

Kangaroo Point - Panoramic River & City Skyline Views - semalt

45/2 Goodwin Street, Kangaroo PointDeahnne BrodieBeautifully renovated with quality timber floorboards throughout, this luxurious riverfront 3 bedroom, 8th floor apartment with a popular north aspect located in the exclusive Stradbroke Tower & Villas will no doubt be highly sought after. The 176m2 apartment comprises separate living and dining rooms that provide the perfect setting for entertaining. A generous size renovated kitchen with abundant storage space is a passionate cook's delight. Wide tinted windows and doors throughout the apartment create light & airy rooms to suit any climate. Granite bench tops & marble floors in the bathrooms showcase the quality of finishes. 3 balconies enhance the 180 degree views of the mesmerizing river & city skyline.Stradbroke Tower is conveniently located within a few minutes drive or ferry ride to the CBD, has direct access to the river boardwalk and is a short stroll to Dockside shops, cafes and the free ...BIB18838921Ray White East Brisbane -

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Kayaking Cherry Creek (Upper Tuolumne River) - semalt

15 year-old Madison Salsgiver and 4 others (listed in video) kayaking cherry creek on the upper Tuolumne river. Awesome run! Awesome day! -

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Portaging Upper and Lower Dams on the Upper Iowa River - semalt

Portaging two dams on the Upper Iowa River - June 6, 2016 -

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