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Moteur Stirling Solaire - semalt

Moteur Stirling Gamma de conception personnelle à embiellage "Triangle de Ross" la chauffe solaire est produite par l intermédiaire une lentille de Fresnel souple -


Crystallize - Lindsey Stirling - semalt


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motor stirling caseiro - semalt


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stirling 3/5a - semalt

stirling 3/5a - speakerRega p3 - Turn TableRega Elicit - Int. AmpLou Donaldson - blues walk -

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Motor Stirling - ESPE - semalt

Escuela Politécnica del Ejército
Ing. Mecatrónica
Primer Semestre
Costo Aproximado: $10Fecha: 2012 - 10 - 22 -

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Moteur stirling JCMA - semalt


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marble stirling engine - semalt


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STIRLING tipo BETA - semalt

Motor Stirling tipo BETA con conexion de yugo escoces -

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Lindsey Stirling Uruguay - semalt


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Motor stirling caseiro - semalt

Motor stirling caseiro, fabricado por Janilton Nicoli em fevereiro de 2014. Foram utilizadas latas de spray na fabricação da camisa e do cabeçote, lã de aço para fazer o pistão deslocador e uma bexiga numero 10 para fazer o pistão de serviço; uma lata com um diâmetro maior para a água do sistema de resfriamento e uma panela para fazer o forno. Para o eixo virabrequim foi utilizado um cabeçote de video cassete. Muito fácil de fazer, porém bem eficiente com uma boa rotação e um bom torque. -

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Lindsey Stirling #MyYoungerSelf - semalt

We asked Lindsey Stirling what she would tell her younger self about her struggles with mental health. Here’s what she said! Check back to see who’s message we’ll share next!Each day in May a prominent individual will speak to his or her younger self about growing up with a mental health or learning disorder. #MyYoungerSelf shares messages of hope and courage as part of the Child Mind Institute’s Speak Up for Kids public education campaign. It’s time to end the stigma. Please visit https://speakupforkids.org for more videos, helpful resources and more information. Help us Speak Up by sharing these #MyYoungerSelf stories on your Facebook & Twitter. Check out more videos: https://www.youtube.com/childmindinst...-Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChildMindDotOrg-Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/childmindin...-Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChildMindIns... -

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Stirling Ringbom "Tapper" - semalt

High speed Miniature Stirling Ringbom Engine.designed by Dr. James R. Senft. -

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Homemade stirling engine - semalt

this is another weekend project the boys and i built. it is a stirling engine model made of junk from around the house -

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motor Stirling H100 - semalt

Este potente motor de aire caliente está montado sobre una placa de madera de roble. El motor funciona mediante el calentamiento y enfriamiento del aire en el interior de su cilindro de vidrio y la energía térmica se transforma en energía cinética. Disponible aquí http://practicaciencia.com/mecanica-y... -

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Lindsey Stirling "Hallelujah" - semalt

Lindsey Stirling's Warmer in the Winter Christmas Tour with Alexander Jean@ Orpheum Theatre Boston -

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Lindsey Stirling - Hallelujah - semalt

SUSCRÍBETE AQUÍ https://goo.gl/Hj9jOXGOOGLE+ https://goo.gl/hFzvAv -

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Motor Stirling casero - semalt

Hemos fabricado un motor Stirling de manera casera que presentamos en la XI Feria de la Ciencia de Sevilla los días 9 y 10 de mayo de 2013 -

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Stirling Castle - Scotland - semalt

Is one of the largest and most important castles, both historically and architecturally, in Scotland. The castle sits atop Castle Hill, an intrusive crag, which forms part of the Stirling Sill geological formation. It is surrounded on three sides by steep cliffs, giving it a strong defensive position. Its strategic location, guarding what was, until the 1890s, the farthest downstream crossing of the River Forth, has made it an important fortification from the earliest times. -

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Welcome to Stirling - semalt


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Moteur Stirling MécaSteam - semalt

Moteur Stirling en fonctionnement. Moteur chauffé par une petite lampe à souder Camping Gaz.Pour plus d'infos consulter le site : http://mecasteam.free.fr -

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Stirling car 2 - semalt

Stirling car 1képek:http://kepfeltoltes.hu/111106/04_www....http://kepfeltoltes.hu/111106/05_www....http://kepfeltoltes.hu/111106/06_www....http://kepfeltoltes.hu/111106/07_www....http://kepfeltoltes.hu/111106/09_www.... -

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Lindsey Stirling - Yeah - semalt

Hello! Again with this awesome channel, please subscribe to continue uploading FREE music. -

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Eclipse - Lindsey Stirling - semalt

Lindsey Stirling - Shatter Me (Bonus) -

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A stirling motor - semalt

Mindent megtudhatsz erről:stirlingtechnology.blogspot.hu -

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Vertical Stirling Wiggers - semalt

Already in 2003 I made a vertical Stirling based on the design from the firm Wiggers in Germany. I implimented several changes to let it run it on a small waxine candle light instead of a sprits burner and I also introduced a number of simplifications in order to make the model somewhat easier-to-make.Since the original design is the property of Wiggers, I didnot made a CAD drawing package till now to make that available to fellow modelers as I do with all my other projects. But now the firm Wiggers recently stopped their commercial modeling activities and I asked them whether they allow me to create and publish a drawing package from my version. They have responded positively so now I made a complete CAD drawing package from my version that again is available for any interested model builder.The description with pictures and a video can be found on the page of my web site www.ridders.nu. Via this web site anyone can put a request for this drawing plan. -

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Marble Stirling Engine - semalt

This is a Marble Stirling Engine I built from a kit from "Bengs Modellbau".Yes I know I should have cleaned it before i filmed it, but my old eyes didn´t see what the Nikon P100 sees. 8-) -

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Motor Stirling funcionando! - semalt

Na segunda tentativa eu consegui fazer funcionar o fantástico motor Stirling. Obrigado a todos que me deram as dicas necessárias para corrigir os problemas do primeiro projeto!!!Aqui está o link do primeiro projeto do motor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pCip...Obrigado! -

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Stirling engine - YouTube - semalt

Stirling engine using a piston from an old refrigerator.A small floppydrive dc motor powering a blue led. -

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homemade Stirling Engine - semalt

Description -

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Meeting Lindsey Stirling - semalt

Instagram: Makeup4ever717Lockerz: http://lockerz.com/z/22173437?ref=221...Song at the beginning and end of the video: Icing by Charity VanceFollow me on twitter at: https://twitter.com/#!/makeup4ever717xMessage me with any video requests or tips on how to improve my channelMake sure to comment, rate, and subscribeFeel free to give me a shout out on your channel ☺ Thanks! ***If you're a company trying to reach me to do an honest review on your product(s) please email me at***Makeup4ever717@gmail.comFTC: Everything in this video was bought by me or given to me by family or friends. -

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Stirling Engine Gamma - semalt

This is my external combustion engine (stirling) type gamma, working with three candles. Is not balanced. The flywheel has yet to be fixed, is poorly lubricated and has a stretched diaphragm which, I think is the biggest problem in the failure to notice faster speeds. It has a water cooler but is not functional because the mass that holds the cylinder is not water resistant. What crap! That loses lots of power. Can I still try to improve it, in alcool maybe. I hope you enjoy. -

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Ghosts: Stirling Castle - semalt

Location Information - http://haunted-scotland.co.uk/stirlin...There are, as you can imagine, a few stories of paranormal significance with regards to the location. We have the pink lady, who is said to walk between the castle and nearby church at Lady's Rock. Local stories have it that this particular phantom figure could be that of a former occupant who escaped while the castle was under siege by Edward the first in 1304. She is said to walk the area in search of her husband who may have perished in said siege.More examples can be found at the above link!Galaxy by Jahzzar is licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike License. Music: Galaxy by Jahzzar is licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike License.http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Jah... Track #4 Great Dark Spot (07:44)You are free: to Share — to copy, distribute and transmit the work to Remix — to adapt the work to make commercial use of the work : http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... Narration: Ryan O'Neill (Myself) - I give all serious Investigators, researchers and hobbyists permission to share this video freely on all platforms. TRIP BOARDS: http://www.International-Paranormal-I... -

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Stirling Solar Engine - semalt

For complete details, Click Here: http://x.vu/stirlingMake 12 times the power than a solar colector. Send power to the grid when you don't need it. Let your Utility pay YOU! Proven technology. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Install a Solar Stirling Power Plant: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9j6Xq...Make your OWN Electric Car: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5Vpqb...Build your own Solar and Wind powered systems: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z192h4...Play Powerball for Free! Click here for details: http://youtu.be/MhYy3wk4-ZwTake WoW to a NEW Level - World of Warcraft Secrets Revealed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djmAqj...Get Power from your Telephone Line: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_14dNb...Will You Get a RAISE This Year? Are You Worth It?: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXPimz...TubeLaunch Earn Cash Just By Uploading Videos!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GB_zgd...Build Your Own eBike. Travel at 50 MPH for up to 120 miles on a single charge!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjsT9L... -

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Stirling Engine Cycle - semalt

http://www.epicphysics.com/practical-...The cycles in a stirling engine how it works. A stirling engine works on the gas laws and the laws of thermodynamics. Theoretically it should be a very efficient engine, but in practice it is not very efficient due to losses of friction. A stirling engine orks by cycling air from one side of the engine where it is cold, then on the hot cycle it returns to the other part of the engine. During these cycles the stirling engine heats and expands the air, then cools and contracts the air, these are the constant cycle of the stirling engine.A boehm/bohm stirling engine would work on the principle shown in the stirling engine cycle video -

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Stirling LTD 2 - semalt

Its Science. -

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stirling solar+concentrador - semalt


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Stirling Motor mit Doppelverdränger / Stirling Engine with double displacer - semalt

Weiterentwicklung des "Neuartigen Stirlingmotors" / Development of the "Innovative Stirling Engine". -

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Stirling Engine Animation - semalt

Alpha Stirling Engine Made by students in first year mechanical engineering departmentAlexandria universityمشروع نُفِذ بواسطة طلبة بالفرقة الأولى قسم الهندسة الميكانيكية جامعة الاسكندرية -

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Solidworks | stirling engine - semalt


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Motor Stirling 1 - semalt

Motor Stirling Flujo laminar ULA-ETI JV-JC -

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How Stirling Works - semalt

A short film explaining the basics of Cleanergy's stirling engine -- how it works and how it all fits together. -

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Stirling Engine Car - semalt

An example of use a Stirling EnginePurchased here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IurFa...Thanks for watching & Thumbs up -

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acoustic stirling engine - semalt

acoustic stirling enginedampf stirling motor -

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stirling engine compilation - semalt


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Alpha stirling engine - semalt


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Tiny Stirling engine - semalt

Very small Stirling engine with scotch yoke drive for the displacer.Butane fuel is contained within the base. Burner jet taken from a disposable lighter. -

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Niedertemperatu​r Stirling, - semalt

http://www.stirlinghobbyshop.com/https://www.etsy.com/shop/jajhobbyThe solar low temperature-differential (ltd) Stirling engine will actually run on the heat of your hand! Place this beautiful precision engine on any warm surface and within a few minutes it's chugging away. The engine runs any time the temperatures of the top and bottom plates differ by more than about 10° Celsius -

Seo Hemerten

Stirling Engine Cyrocooler - semalt


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Lindsey Stirling Interview - semalt

Tony interviewed Lindsey Stirling in the POINT studio! -

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Stirling in Stuttgart - semalt

Im aktuellen Baumeister liefert der Architekturhistoriker Anthony Vidler in einem Exklusivessay seine Sicht auf James Stirling. In diesem Video erklärt Vidler unter anderem die von ihm kuratierte Stuttgarter Stirling-Ausstellung. -

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Lindsey Stirling-"Practice" - semalt


Seo Geistacker

Lindsey Stirling Budapest - semalt


Seo Frankenförde

Wooden Stirling Engine - semalt

A short demonstrational run of my little wooden stirling engine.Not exactly highclass engineering, but pretty cool back to basics tech nonetheless.Check out my website at http://steamup.dk/index.html -

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Le moteur stirling ... - semalt

Le moteur Stirling est un moteur à énergie externe. Le fluide principal est un gaz soumis à un cycle comprenant quatre phases : chauffage isochore (à volume constant), détente isotherme (à température constante), refroidissement isochore puis compression isotherme. On l'appelait au début « moteur à air chaud », mais ce nom a vite été abandonné car il existe un autre moteur à air chaud. Robert Stirling a inventé en 1816 le moteur à air chaud mais, pour améliorer son efficacité, il l'a muni d'une modification suffisamment importante pour lui donner un réel développement : un régénérateur entre les deux pistons qui a considérablement amélioré sa performance. Peu connu du grand public, ce moteur a cependant quelques avantages. Il fut répandu au temps de la domination des machines à vapeur qui présentaient parfois le grave défaut d'exploser et de faire des victimes. Le but est de produire de l'énergie mécanique à partir d'énergie thermique. Au début du cycle, le gaz à l'intérieur du moteur est déplacé vers un endroit chauffé par une certaine source d'énergie : sa température et sa pression augmentent. Ensuite, on permet au gaz dans le piston de se dilater. Le gaz a donc transformé son énergie thermique en énergie mécanique. En fait, un gaz à haute pression qui se dilate permet de fournir beaucoup d'énergie mécanique. The Stirling engine is an engine with external energy. The main fluid is a gas subjected to a cycle consisting of four phases: isochoric heating (at constant volume), isothermal expansion (at constant temperature), isochoric cooling and isothermal compression. We called early "hot air engine", but this name was soon abandoned because there is another hot-air engine. Robert Stirling in 1816 invented the hot-air engine, but to improve its effectiveness, it was with a change substantial enough to give a real development: a regenerator between the two pistons which greatly improved its performance. Little known to the general public, this engine has some advantages. It was common at the time of the domination of the steam engines had sometimes serious defect explode and cause casualties. The goal is to produce mechanical energy from thermal energy. At the beginning of the cycle, the gas inside the engine is moved to a heated by some energy source: its temperature and pressure increase. Then, allowing the gas in the piston to expand. Gas has transformed its thermal energy into mechanical energy. In fact, a high pressure gas which expands can provide much mechanical energy. -

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Lindsey Stirling Proposal - semalt

This is me and Sam. Onstage. At the Lindsey Stirling concert in Salt Lake City. In front of 1,300 people. With me on one knee.Enjoy! -

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Moteur/Engine Stirling - semalt

Moteur à air chaud - Combustion externe - Réalisation personnelle -

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Vane Stirling engine - semalt

A new type of Stirling engine -

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Clanadonia perform " Hamsterheid " live at Stirling Castle's new year celebrations. -

Seo Altliebel

Double Stirling engine - semalt

built by Rick Crayton, Concord NC -

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alpha stirling engine - semalt

alpha-type stirling engine with cylinders "made" of water to reduce friction, inspired by William Gurstelle. -

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O Motor Stirling - semalt

Nosso cientista Pedro constrói um motor Stirling, motor de combustão externa, em sua forma mais essencial. Esse pode ser até muito feio, mas apresentou bons resultados na demonstração. -

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스터링엔진 stirling engine - semalt


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Marine Stirling engine - semalt

Motor Stirling que se puede adaptar tanto al coche como a un barco -

Seo Escarabajosa de Cabezas

Stirling British Leather - semalt

This here is Stirling's British Leather and a few other soaps I just received. -

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Encore - Lindsey Stirling - semalt

The mix between Roundtable Rival and Don't Let This Feeling Fade that she does at the Brave Enough Tour, but with studio versions. -

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motor stirling www.ossastirlingengines.com - semalt


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Aldi Stirling robovac - semalt

Cheap dumb robotic vacuum. So far it seems OK for the money. -

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Simple Stirling Engine - semalt

Test Tube 20X200 mm - https://aliexpress.com/item/2Pcs-set-...Glass Syringe - https://aliexpress.com/item/-/3284306...Glass balls - https://aliexpress.com/item/10-Pcs-Ma... -

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Magnet Stirling engine - semalt

-NOT FOR SALE-Magnet Stirling engine , betatype with free displacer by Huib Visser.Designed by Jan Ridders, Dr.Ing. Dieter Körner and Huib Visser.The Netherlands- 2013Information of all my models: Google Hydromodels, Stirlingmodels. next, Gallery -

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Motor Stirling Básico - semalt

Modelo básico, feito com os materiais do "Meu Primeiro Stirling", exceto pela tampa, cilindro de cobre e manivela, antes com clips, agora com raio de bicicleta. -

Seo Les Perches

Stirling '60' - semalt

This brass Gamma type Stirling engine is of my own design, based on the 'hog' engine.I made it exclusively for my father's sixtieth birthday.For anyone interested i've drawn up free plans which are -

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Horizontal Stirling Final - semalt

Home hobby machine shop activities from model engine building to tool sharpening. Just sharing my adventures in my hobby and home life. -

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Stirling engine スターリングエンジン - semalt

手のひらに乗せて、体温でも駆動するスターリングエンジンです。 -

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Motor Stirling 2017 - semalt

Meu primeiro Motor Stirling de 2017, em breve posto outro video com ele pintado.Obrigado por assistir, se gostou avalie o vídeo clicando em "gostei" se quiser me ajudar ainda mais inscreva - se no meu canal -

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Stirling Engine Demo - semalt

This is a description and demo of a little Stirling engine that my wife Janet gave me for Christmas 2011. Thanks, Jan! -

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Stirling Orchestra 172 - semalt

Nutcracker - Russian Trepak -

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Motor stirling caseiro - semalt

Pistão deslocador de lã de aço, virabrequim feito de raio de moto de 3,5 mm e com rolamento. -

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Manyetik Stirling motoru - semalt

Stirling enigne -

Seo Betbèze

Lindsey stirling - firefly - semalt

Firefly -

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Stirling Remembrance, 2012. - semalt

Remembrance Sunday parade and wreath laying ceremony at Stirling War Memorial.Stirlings` grand old soldier, 106 year old Lt Col Francis Saunders, was present, and had his wreath laid by an aid.Parade was led by the Royal Burgh of Stirling Pipe Band. -

Seo Toddington

Solar Stirling Engine - semalt

A Stirling engine is a simple heat engine and works by low temperature difference between two metal surfaces. One surface is heated at one end of the engine, while other is cooled down on the other end, which causes the air to expand near the hot surface (high temperature) and compress near the cold surface (low temperature). This expansion and compression of air within the engine cylinder causes the movement of displacer or piston in upward and downward motion between the two surfaces into a cycle or loop. This efficient heat engine was invented by Robert Stirling in 1816 as an alternative to steam engines at that time and a great contribution in heat engine technology.An ideal model for understanding the basics of a Stirling engine consists of a closed cylinder containing two metal surfaces (aluminium) at top and bottom of the cylinder. A displacer is placed between the two plates which is connected to a flywheel through a wire to transfer mechanical energy during upward motion. When one plate is heated for example; bottom plate, the air near that plate expands and causing the displacer to move upward. On the other hand flywheel is connected to a small piston which takes the mechanical energy from flywheel and push the displacer to aid in downward motion. When displacer reaches top position the small piston moves downward enabling the compress air to fill in the cylinder and push the displacer downward. Making a loop of upward and downward motion of both displacer and piston, resulting in the circular motion of flywheel.Use in Solar Thermal TechnologyIn solar thermal technology we use heat energy from sunlight into mechanical energy to drive a generator or turbine to generate electricity. Stirling engine serves exactly the same purpose and they are very powerful solar power generators and produce clean and free renewable energy. Stirling Engines are used in solar thermal technology within solar dishes where a large parabolic reflector directs the sunlight into one focal point where Stirling engine is placed which then runs by using this heat energy from sunlight and giving mechanical energy to generate electricity. Solar thermal dishes are used in both residential and commercial electricity generation. Stirling engine powered solar dishes for residential use are comparatively smaller in size and generate around 1-2 kW of electricity. Whereas in commercial use a large single engine powered solar dish can generate up to 25kW (kiloWatt) of electricity.Your geographical location is important in deciding if solar thermal engines are best option for you. Solar thermal engines are best choice for users in areas that get lot of sun.Here is my DIY Solar and Wind book that was published on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1508...Barnes and Noble Nook version of my DIY Solar and Wind Book:http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/books...This book is one of my favorite solar books in my library (bought it on Amazon) and I can recommend many of the solar books on Amazon to help learn more about solar energy:http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1907...This Grape 100 Watt Solar panel on Amazon is very similar to the panel that was bought at Home Depot:http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004... -

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Stirling engine วิธีประกอบลูกสูบเข้ากับฝาสูบ - semalt

Stirling engineStirling engineA beta Stirling has a single power piston arranged within the same cylinder on the same shaft as a displacer piston. The displacer piston is a loose fit and does not extract any power from the expanding gas but only serves to shuttle the working gas between the hot and cold heat exchangers. When the working gas is pushed to the hot end of the cylinder it expands and pushes the power piston. When it is pushed to the cold end of the cylinder it contracts and the momentum of the machine, usually enhanced by a flywheel, pushes the power piston the other way to compress the gas. Unlike the alpha type, the beta type avoids the technical problems of hot moving seals.[37]Again, the following diagrams do not show any internal heat exchangers or a regenerator, which would be placed in the gas path around the displacer. If a regenerator is used in a beta engine, it is usually in the position of the displacer and moving, often as a volume of wire mesh. -

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motor stirling adilson - semalt

motor caseiro -

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Castillo de Stirling en Escocia - Stirling Castle in Scotland - semalt

http://guias-viajar.com/ Vídeo de la visita al Castillo de Stirling en Escocia, con imágenes de los patios que rodean las murallas, del Gran Salón, la Capilla Real y la cocina medieval. Música Creative Commons: Star of the country down de Brigan Ensamble -

Seo company Balallan

Stirling LS3/6 - semalt

제작 네이버카페 PCFI HOME AUDIO매칭 Stirling BBC LS3/6&레벤 cs600www.pcfiaudio.com -

Seo company Holywell Green

ringbom stirling engine - semalt

stirling ringbom engine -

Seo Val di Pugna

Skiltron - Stirling Bridge - semalt

Album: The Clans Have United (2006)Music & Lyrics: Emilio SoutoBuy Skiltron albums: www.skiltron.net/shop -

Seo Tremensuoli

3 Liter Stirling - semalt

1. Lauf eines Stirlingmotors mit 3 Liter Verdrängervolumen und Wasserkühlung. Gesamthöhe ca. 120 cm.Schwungrad: 300mm Durchmesser mit ca. 1200 Gramm. Beheizt wurde der Motor zum einlaufen nur ganz leicht mit etwas Holz. Drehzahl rpm ca. 600 + bei reichlich Drehmoment und prima Sound; Für alle Lanz / Bulldog - Freunde gibt es noch ein Video mit Originalton... :-) -

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Physiktutorium: Stirling-Motor - semalt

Tim von 'Tutorium Physik fürs Nebenfach' macht sich 'nen Tee und erklärt, wie ein Stirlingmotor funktioniert.Für mehr Infos besucht uns auf https://www.physiktutorium.de oder https://facebook.com/physiktutorium.====Springer: http://bit.ly/1KoMnm9Amazon: http://amzn.to/1UTFKz7==== -

Seo Pontestura

Treasure Hunt - Stirling - semalt

Anneka Rice and the Treasure Hunt team in an episode from Stirling of the popular 80`s channel 4 programme. In this clip Anneka flies from the university to the castle and interferes with a pipe band in order to find the next clue!This is from 1985 or `86, originally recorded on Betamax and copied, re-copied and converted a few times so quality not good! -

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Stirling Engine Helicopter - semalt

Handmade stirling engine helicopter.Music: Survival by Nicolas Jaar -

Seo Madonna Oca

Motor stirling caseiro - semalt

Meu Motor Stirling -

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Prism Lindsey Stirling - semalt

ya casi es 19 de agosto stirlingites quienes añadiran este album asu coleccion????????? -

Seo Guardasone

Small Stirling Engine - semalt

I built this small stirling engine. It is very delicate and must have very little resistance when it turns. It is designed to run off the heat of the palm of my hand. I still need to tweak this little engine to get it to run correctly -

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Mini Stirling "Voets" - semalt

Mini Stirling as Marriage Anniversary present for Harry and Vera. Design Jan Ridders; The Netherlands.http://heetgasmodelbouw.ridders.nu -

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Waltz - Lindsey Stirling - semalt


Seo Faie

Meeting Lindsey Stirling - semalt

Meeting Lindsey Stirling...followed by a fan who was definitely star struck by Lindsey! She speaks fake elvish to her and all. -

Promotion Santa Maria del Tempio